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Mick Mulvaney
  White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney Talks to Press  CSPAN  December 29, 2018 2:37am-2:45am EST

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labor for most of the second term. new congress, new leaders. watch it all on c-span. >> it has been seven days since the government shut-down began. negotiations over border security between congress and the white house reat a stand still as president trump continues to call for $5 billion for border wall funding, which democrats are objecting to. no vote is expected. you can follow the house live on c-span and the senate live on use. >> white house bug director gave an update friday on the state of negotiations to reopen the government while speaking to reporters outside the white house. >> i will just take a few questions. hat is up? >> is the president really
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willing to do that? >> all options are on the table. it is the only way we can get the democrats' attention. let me walk you through what has happened in theless couple of days. the vice president and i and chuck schumer met on saturday. we gave them our most recent offer. we came down off of our $5 billion offer. they were at $1.3 billion. everybody knows that the senate appropriations committee passed bill with $1.6 billion. the democrats went from $1.6 to 1.3. we were at fife. saturday we sat down with mr. schumer and gave him a number below five. i am not going to tell you what the number is. >> what was the number? >> did i just tell you i wasn't going to tell you? last night they said they weren't even going to counter that. here is what i think is happening. this comes down to mrs.
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pelosi's speakership. i think chuck schumer and the others would cut a deal, but they are protecting mrs. pelosi. the ere is any vote before 3rd, she is in jeopardy of losing her speakership. paychecks go out today. we are in the middle of a government shut down and the ordinary pay cycle would pay folks today, and those paychecks are going out. the next payroll affected would be january 11. [inaudible question] >> it absolutely is. >> we are in the last week right now. >> the folks who are really at risk are the folks who are furloughed. the folks working are going to get paid, period. when they get paid is when the government opens up again. no one works for free for the ferguson. the folks furloughed would need legislation to pay them for the
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time they were furloughed. but by checks go out today, and the folks working today will get paid. they are due to get paid again on the 11th. >> why does the president believe that those not getting paid are democrats? >> he and i talked about it last night. i think he was trying to point out a political reality. let's face it, northern d.c. are maryland and heavy democratic areas. maryland has two democratic senators. why did they leave? these are the ones affected. >> is the president supposed to president republicans and democrats? >> which is why he is in there. >> i will answer your question if you let me answer hers first. he is not just here working for republicans. what he can't understand are folks from heavily democratic
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areas are home and not talking to him. >> your question and then i will go. >> why does he tweet that he believes most federal workers support him shutting down the government? >> i think he believes that a lot of people really do believe in border security. i have messages that say i am a em credit, but -- i am a democrat, but i believe in border security. look what is happening in california. we think we have agreement on what we can builds. the democrats will admit to you, do they think that is a wall? the answer is no, they do not believe that to be a wall. their definition as long as it is not concrete, it is not a wall. they have already told us that building that is appropriate and necessary. it is what the border patrol wants. it is the appropriate barrier to have on theward. this is all about money and nancey's election. >> have you invited her to the white house? >> no. we were meeting on the hill. the vice president and i thought it was more appropriate to go down to the hill.
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so that is where we went. [inaudible question] >> we are here, and they know where to find us. [inaudible question] >> well, we put the last offer on the table. in a negotiation, you guys have done this for your own salary. you don't make an offer, and make another offer. we made an offer last saturday night. they told us they would get back to us by the ends of the week, and they got back to us last night and said we are leaving. no more discussions. we expect this to go on for a while. we expect to manage it. the smithsonian has been open all week. it will be closed after new year's. shut down does look different in a republican administration. we will not be weaponizing it to hurt other people. thank you very much. >> what about the deal last night? >> it is still raining. >> is closing the border really on the table?
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♪ >> the united states senate, a uniquely american institution. legislating and carrying out constitutional duty since 1789. >> please raise your right hand. >> wednesday, c-span takes you inside the senate, learning about the legislative body and its informal workings. >> arguing about things and kicking them around and having great debates is a thoroughly american thing. >> it is a cooling saucer. the longer you are in the senate, the more you appreciate that cooling nature. >> we will look at its history of conflict and compromise with original interviews, key moments in history, and
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unprecedented access. allowing us to bring cameras into the senate chamber during a session. >> do you have a script? >> yes. >> follow the evolution of the senate into the modern era. from advice and consent to their role in impeachment proceedings and investigation. the senate, conflict and compromise, a c-span original production, ex-ploring the history, traditions and role of this uniquely american institution. it premiers wednesday at 8:00 p.m. eastern and pacific on c-span. go online to learn more about the program and watch original full length interview with senators. view farewell speeches from long-serving members, and take a tour inside the senate chamber, the old senate chamber and other exclusive locations. >> we continue today with our